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RX-7 Engine Rebuilding

Mazda RX7We undertake all mechanical and electrical work on Mazda RX-7's.

We have 13 years experience, 6 of which were undertaken at a local Mazda dealers training to the highest standards. Unlike other garages we remove and rebuild your own original engine for you; there is no exchange, no surcharges.

The price you pay also includes your first service, a full guarantee and photographs of your engine as it's rebuilt. A full rebuild includes 6 x apex seals (tips), apex springs, 12 x rotor side seals, rotor oil seals, water seals, all secondary gaskets, front, rear, and crank bearings (if required), front and rear oil seals, crank bolt, 4 x spark plugs, oil and filter change.

All engines are guaranteed for 2 years, or 20,000 miles provided that the engine has been fitted and maintained to our specifications and serviced by us. Engines fitted with new rotor housings will be given a extra year or 10,000 warranty.

Mazda RX7Prices start from £2500 for engines with damaged water seals, £2900 for a complete rebuild (as above), and a extra £1500 for 2 x rotor housings. Prices assume that the original housings and rotors are in good condition.

We will not work on any Rx-7's with a de-cat pipe without first fitting a restriction plate in the exhaust system, removal of this will void any warrenty given. Removing the cat can lead to detonation which can crack tips and score rotor housings. A common cause of engine damage in Rx-7's.

Service schedules are as follows:-

500 mile service includes oil and filter change this is free of charge.
1000 mile service includes oil and filter change at a cost of £95.
6000 mile / 1st year service (10 months) includes oil and filter change at a cost of £95
12000 mile / 2nd year service (20 months) includes oil and filter change, and spark plug replacement at a cost of £135.
18000 mile service inludes oil and filter change at a cost of £95

All services include the Good Garage Scheme 50 point check.